If nothing else, the Pandemic has left a whole lot of us with waaaayyy to much time to think. And if you’re anything like me, it’s far too easy to start listening to the voices of depression, anxiety, and even self-loathing. This is for all the people who are struggling right now, whether you feel like you’re surviving or thriving.

Think of the people you love the most in the whole wide world. The people who have impacted you, supported you, warmed your spirit.

Do you love them because of their weight or fitness level? Do you care about them because of what’s in their bank account? Do they matter to you because of what they wear or how they look? What kind of car they drive? Whether they like “the right kind” of tv and books or music and movies?


I’m gonna bet that like me, you’ll answer no to those things. People touch our lives because of who they are and how they make us feel. They tend to be people who try to be smart and kind. They possess things like humor and character and bravery and tenacity. They have flaws like all humans, but they have good souls, and we love them for it.

Why don’t you give yourself the same kindness when you look in the mirror? Why do you say such cruel things about yourself? Why do you devalue yourself based on meaningless criteria that don’t even matter to the people who care most about you? Usually, it’s because society or toxic people trained us to do that bullshit when we were kids.

So cut it out! See yourself and value your own flawed, beautiful, human worth the same way you do with your friends and loved ones. You are a messed up human trying to do your best in a stupid, fucked up, impossible world just like everyone you love and admire.

You are just as worthwhile as everyone you love and care about.

And when you realize that, really grasp it in your core, then your whole life will begin to change.

Image Credit: 123RF.com

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