The more sick, stupid, and insane a society is, the less seriously one should take its adulation AND its censure.

Daniel Sonderling

Normally, I try hard to avoid pop culture stuff (including anything political) and stick to the meta and the spiritual and the philosophical. However, we live in unprecedented times, in which old ideologies have crumbled, along with meaningful political and social identities and labels. Evil and insane forces have seized power and are doing stuff that’s just plain bizarre at this point. More importantly, we are in the midst of the Anthropocene climate crisis and mass extinction, in which the biosphere is facing unprecedented strains. In a word, the world is on fire and it feels like society (on all sides of the ideological spectrum) has gone NUTS. And that’s why I want to offer a strong brain suppository to cure one of the most irritating diseases that is far too prevalent, SHAME.


The leader of the most powerful country in history is looking an awful lot like an open [alleged] con man (hundreds of millions if not billions of personal debt alone) with scores or hundreds of lawsuits against him over the years (and new ones constantly) for [alleged] fraud, rape, and sexual assault of children.

His own corruption and stupidity are the root of over 160,000 dead countrymen and the 40,000,000 facing imminent homelessness and joblessness in the worst (and totally preventable) economic crisis since the Great Depression. He seems increasingly incapable of speaking in complete sentences or of pronouncing most words more than 1 or 2 syllables. He has alienated the free world and all of America’s allies while leaving NATO and other key alliances in a shambles that may never recover. He supports the unprecedented (in the world) specter of a modern “democracy” where law enforcement officers are constantly filmed and exposed for murder, torture, rape, planting evidence, and other felonies – FOR WHICH THESE “PROFESSIONALS” NEVER FACE CONSEQUENCES. Wealthy and powerful governors, politicians, and party leaders support and flatter this leader daily instead of standing up to him.

Put simply, we are seeing perhaps the greatest display of real incompetence and just plain assholery in living memory, and it’s being rewarded with fabulous riches and power.

And you’re telling me your boss is mad about how you use commas in emails?! Your boss is mad that you were ten minutes late, or you made too many jokes in a boring meeting, or you’re embarrassed about some other incredibly meaningless hypocritical social stigma you’ve been made to feel about an exploitative and underpaid job at a soulless corporation in a broken society that is melting in front of our eyes?

If you’re a working person who has done one hour of honest labor in your life, you’re a more useful member of society than the most powerful leader in the world. If you haven’t [allegedly] raped a string of women and children, guess what? You’re an angel next to *the most powerful leader in the world, who is supposed to be an exemplar of virtue*.

So can we all agree to stop taking shit from a broken society for meaningless “infractions” when its leaders and “public servants” commit abuse and felonies on a daily basis?

This country is so deeply sick and neurotic that it no longer has a sense of basic priorities, morality, or even basic reality anymore. Stop letting its literal insanity make you crazy too. Stop letting a twisted society that gives wealth and fame to the vilest human beings also make you hate yourself for non-reasons as you simply try to exist as a decent being in this dreadful milieu. And for the sake of baby Jesus and Amithaba, please stop letting people make you feel ashamed of whatever honest job you have because it’s not “cool” or “sexy” or “famous.”

You contribute more to the good of the world and the humans around you than 99% of the entire upper business and political class that are driving this country (and the planet) into oblivion.

Lastly, don’t you ever, ever, EVER let another human being shame you for the clothes you like, or your hobbies, or your favorite food, or your weight, or your income, or your car, or any of the other absolutely batshit and bullshit distractions from things that really matter in a world on fire.

The more sick, stupid, and insane a society is, the less seriously one should take its adulation AND its censure.

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