Talking to Ghosts

It is good to remember friends who passed away. It’s important to thank them for touching our lives and for how they helped us and shaped our journeys. I thanked an old friend tonight for helping me.

My buddy Brian helped me keep writing and gave me helpful life advice when most people wrote me off as a freak or a loser; he was a writer, a lover of dogs and beautiful women, and a Malcolm Gladwell “Connector” who brought people together around his booming laugh and helped create friendships that last to this day. He moved on from this world suddenly, and I don’t know why. But I hope someday to dedicate my first book to him.

Never be embarrassed to say “Thank You” on a quiet evening, or to catch up on gossip, or to pour them a sip of whatever you’re having to drink.

None of us is the “main star” of Life. But every single one of us is a beautiful, iridescent thread in its living tapestry, and every single one of us is an essential part of the evolution and awakening, not only of each other and society, but of the Cosmos.

You are not responsible to save the Universe, and nor could you do it; this truth lessens anxiety. But you are a central, powerful factor shaping the interconnected destiny of all things; this insight lessens depression and nihilism, and it helps to instill hope and purpose in even the smallest acts of goodness and kindness (whether to ourselves or to others.)

A smart ancient Greek once said, “We are thoughts in the mind of God.” I suspect that we and the world are, more accurately, “God dreaming.”

But whatever cosmic mysteries live at the edge of human reason and knowledge, Sagan put it best — “For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable through love.”

Please remember always that you matter, you count, and that your quiet, good life and unseen kind acts and unheard kind words contain more power and magic than petty kings and conquerors could dream of.

Image attributions: (1) Starry Night Copyright: nexusplexus / 123RF Stock Photo (2) Copyright: Daniel Sonderling

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