I have begun to notice such a profound difference between the many who define ourselves by what we hate/what makes us angry, and those few who define themselves by what they love/what gives them joy. The latter seem so much happier, so much more effective in making real world changes, and simply more fun to … Continue reading Epiphany


As you get older you try to formulate simple rules, even “mantras” to help when things get tough or your brain isn’t cooperating very well. I think one of my favorites to come from pandemic that I’m still mulling over, which has numerous implications for depression, anxiety, fear of failure, and much else, has already … Continue reading Mantra

The Third Door

Had a recent conversation with a good friend about science and social issues, and a great analogy emerged from the Bohm bio I’m reading now. David Bohm revolutionized several fields, and one example was when he discovered that if you have a particle with spin A, then add an opposite spin B, the result is … Continue reading The Third Door


It sometimes feels like life is simply about learning to dance in the space between order and chaos, to find the golden mean between, the space where balance lives. Whether you’re reading Buddhism, linguistics, or physics, the best thinkers seem often to simplify what we perceive as reality as systems and systems dynamics. And I … Continue reading Balance

A Candle

Note: I love myself and love my life now, but occasionally old Depression and his buddy Anxiety will still sneak into my brain to play with the lightswitch. Sometimes it feels so dark inside that it physically hurts. And when the darkness is closing in, I have learned to keep a stash of candles near … Continue reading A Candle


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