Power, Money, and Sex

I used to be very curious about power, money, and success (as so many young people are, particularly in a certain modern global empire). I felt like a “loser,” and I bought the lie that all “winners” get to the top through superior effort and work ethic, which means they deserve everything; “losers” are simply … Continue reading Power, Money, and Sex

The Other Side of the Coin

Disclaimer: mental health is a major issue and needs far more attention from society. I personally deal with mental health challenges and advocate for destigmatizing these discussions. However, the often-ignored side of it is this: Depression and anxiety are a natural response to conditions of oppression, powerlessness, and indignity. Where I live, medication flows like … Continue reading The Other Side of the Coin

De Nihilo

WHY IS THE WORLD SO STUPID? Like many in the USA, I was angry and sad to hear certain news today. I pondered and I prayed; to be honest, I got high as a kite flown by Snoop Dogg during a Springtime windstorm. And lo, the HEAVENS spake unto me the secret cause of why … Continue reading De Nihilo


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